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Facebook is everywhere and almost everyone uses it.
But how much time do you really spend on facebook or networks like facebook?
under 1h
about 1 hour
over 1 hour
over 2 hours
over 3 hours


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toast wrote:
Actually I just chat a lot on Facebook..So it easily happens that I spend a whole evening with it. Last weeks most of my evening are quite similar. Either I'm outside with friends (on weekends) or chat with them on facebook. Well sometimes it gets interrupted by a TV-Show or movie! ;)
05.01.2013 07:20:35
Zack74 wrote:
I hate Facebook!!!!!! I use it at least 3,5 hours day by day................................................
04.01.2013 00:38:37
OneWay wrote:
My situation is quite the same like Optics^^ !! I ''reduced'' it from 1 to 2 hours a day ;)!! But I don't feel really bad about it. That's the world we're livin in.
04.01.2013 00:05:54
Optic wrote:
I really tried to reduce my visits on Facebook. However, the opposite happend. Now I spend about 2 sometimes 3 hours a day on facebook..damn!!
03.01.2013 23:51:46
Taurus wrote:
It really depends..on weekend I can easily spend couple of hours a day on facebook. Most the time I chat with friends!
But Monday to Friday it's just like checking mail..few minutes.
03.01.2013 08:34:16


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