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What is in your opinion the perfect age to marry someone?
over 30
there is no "perfect" age


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Bossrod wrote:
My mom always used to tell me and my sister: ''You guys don't hurry up with marrige! Live you life.. you feel it when it's knocking on your door!"
And of course she was right..!
04.01.2013 00:29:13
Optic wrote:
I agree with sunny. Right partner is more important than age..
Nevertheless my perfect age might be something around 30!
03.01.2013 23:54:20
tina wrote:
I think you will find him ;))
03.01.2013 21:17:18
Taurus wrote:
My perfect age was 27!! WOw,,so it is nearly 6 years ago that I married my great love!! I LOVE YOU CARRY!!!!
PS: her perfect age was 23.;)
03.01.2013 08:37:29
Sunny wrote:
I think it is more about the perfect partner (if he/she does exist!). If you found him or her thats exactly the right time to marry..no matter what age.
Buuuut...I would like to meet that partner before gettin grey hair. ;)
03.01.2013 08:26:38


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