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papajoe 916 days ago
Given the recent events in Newtown, what do you think about the matter? Does it really help to change the law?


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Taurus wrote:
@ nothankyou

you are right, but that does not help solve the problem. the question is why have guns in the first place? noone would need bodyguards ect.! the us just should confiscate all weapons and change the laws..most of the problems would be solved. i mean, look at countries in europe and compare them with the US in regards to murder rates.its ridiculous..
09.01.2013 10:41:26
nothankyou wrote:
The white house, politicians, actors and talking-heads that are calling out to disarm their countrymen should have their bodyguards go first. How is it fair that a president has his daughters protected at school with snipers and assault rifles, and people that live in the slums and violent gang territory should give up their right to self-defence by devree?
08.01.2013 20:54:06
Bossrod wrote:
Taurus, I like your saying!!
However I have to admit that you can't blame the people for everything bad that happens in this country. Media and government are at least equivalent perpetrators.
04.01.2013 00:18:32
Taurus wrote:
I am convinced with the dictum: "each has the national government it deserves."
It's quite the same with their laws. If people are not able to challenge and question that issue..well, next Newtown is definitely coming!
03.01.2013 08:49:08
scray wrote:
i agree with both of you. the us is living in the past when it comes to guns. its just ridiculous to be able to buy a rifle in a fucking shopping mall or in a bank for signing up an account.
but i guess the lobby in america is simply to strong. they have billions and billions of dollar and are determined to protect their business. the past presidents were all more or less controlled by lobbies...so noone can simply change the law i guess
02.01.2013 17:43:24
Bonzo wrote:
I am close with awil. In my opinion people must realize that guns are dangerous in each and every case. It's nutty to think that you can protect your people by giving each of them a weapon..come on.
31.12.2012 18:53:28
awil wrote:
Changing the law is the first step. But it's not done by that. This country needs a complete paradigm change. People philosophy is totally corrupted by the wrong assumption you need guns to be safe..!!
31.12.2012 12:26:54


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