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inflames 880 days ago


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nothankyou wrote:
The economy couldn't be saved even if americans were taxed 100%. 16 trillion$ and going up. Once we hit 20 trillion, interest alone will be a trillion dollars a year.
08.01.2013 20:48:24
Bossrod wrote:
really don't know what you are talking about awil..you sound goosy.
04.01.2013 00:11:48
Bossrod wrote:
There is no way to avoid taxing the rich if you want to save the economy!!
04.01.2013 00:10:30
scray wrote:
you would leave the government? quality post right there... the US is already very friendly to big businesses and such. i doubt that a small raise in taxes would "kill" the economy by any means. this neo-liberal argument is getting old.
looking at our balance sheet we dont have many choices left. we have to cut our spending to prevent the US from defaulting...suggestions are welcome, but keeping intrest rates low is def. not one of them..
02.01.2013 17:36:16
awil wrote:
You can't tax the people with the biggest purchasing power! That would kill the economy! I would leave the government if you'd tax me inadequately. Just watch what is happening in france!
31.12.2012 12:22:07
invi wrote:
Of course it would help the US-economy. Only hypocrites and stupid people can really doubt the only answer!!
31.12.2012 08:06:17
toast wrote:
I really cant see why it would NOT help to raise taxes on the rich. they make MILLIONS only on interst rates yearly. It doesnt hurt them at all. We should all care more about those who really need it.
30.12.2012 11:20:11


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